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Help with thrush!

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I found out today my lil girl has thrush... Its not bad we caught it early. But because she has thrush i know have yeast infection on my nipples... They didnt give me any meds for me, i was told to rub her meds on me... Main question is do i need to pump and dump now that im infected as well??? Or is everything safe... I dont want to give her yeasty milk that would defeat the purpose of her meds right???

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Your milk should be fine. Thrush isn't an internal infection, it's a skin infection. Make sure you continue to use the medication on yourself and your baby until your baby's thrush has cleared up because you can transfer it back and forth to each other. You can pump instead of nursing her if you want, but it isn't really necessary.Both my kids had thrush. I rubbed the nystatin liquid in my kids' mouths using a guaze pad instead of just squirting in their mouths. When my daughter had it I started by making her drink the liquid and it made her throw up every time. Rubbing it made sure it got all over her mouth and helped gently scrape off the thrush. Neither one liked it but it worked well.
Just follow what your dr says and if it doesn't seem to work then gentian violet works good to.For you, The yeast doesn't infect your milk you can still feed her the milk but its your nipple that has the yeast on it so just pump and keep rubbing the meds on you.
There's really no need to pump. You can if you want, but it isn't necessary as long as both you and your baby are using the medication properly.Gentian violet does work to help clear up thrush but it's generally used as a last resort. It's purple and will permanently stain all fabrics. It can even temporarily stain skin. You have to be very, very careful with it which is difficult with a little baby. Nystatin works most of the time so definitely try that first.

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