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help! Why can i still not get pegnant!?

2 answers
Me & my partner have been having unprotected sex for over a year now, The last 7 months we have been trying to conceive using ovulation sticks also taking vitamins. made sure we were having sex and the right times of the month. We are both young and healthy but still no luck. I'm starting to worry something may be wrong. any advice!??

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If you have been using ovulation tests and are reasonably sure you've been trying to conceive at the right time, it's probably time to see a fertility specialist.
I would definatley go see a fertility specialist. I have PID (pelvic inflamatory disease) and ive had a couple of doctors tell me they would be suprised if I would be able to have kids and then a few tell me that they dont see why i wouldnt be able to. Im trying though. 

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