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help. worried...

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ok so my son Bentley is 8 Months.... he is a great baby, always happy and smiling other than when hes hungry but we all know how that is lol... But My son is on a very good schedule hes a great sleeper... well when its bedtime for the night he goes to bed between 7-8 now he has done this off an on forever but he wakes up screaming... he doesnt want food all he wants is for me to hold him.. im not complaining i love it but i think hes having bad dreams or something whats going on? hes only 8 months!

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Caitlyn did this alot to when she was around 5 months. She would scream for like hours and hours and she didn't want me to breast feed her and no matter what she just screamed.
My first thought is teething.  I can't remember if you've mentioned before if Bentley has started yet, but it's possible he's got some new ones coming in.  If you're holding him and it's not comforting him at all, try whatever teething remedies which have worked before: Orajel, cold washclothes for chewing, Baby Tylenol or Motrin.  Hang in there!  It'll pass, I promise!
teething or gas. Or maybe something is bothering him when he is sleeping. Wedged to far up in the crib, can't find his pacifer.
no he just wants me to hold and rock him, my son never wants to snuggle!
Another thing it could be is if he has gas. Or constipated caitlyn gets constipated alot which is weird with her breastfed.
i had this problem and my doctor told me he was just getting his new teeth they start to get the first teeth from 6 to about 9 months

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