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Helpful hints??

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I'm just over 17 weeks pregnant, and my morning sickness is finally gone, but lately I have no appetite at all.. I'll be so hungry and know I have to eat but nothing is appealing to me. Especially in the mornings, my tummy will feel wo empty amd I'll feel sick almost but even the idea of eating makes my tummy turn.. Any advice on what my settle my stomach or be a good idea? Especially for breakfast

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I had the same thing. Sometimes you just have to eat. I would actually feel less sick if I ate something then by not eating. I would want something then make it and not want it. I know the feeling. Try having like cheese sticks and fruit. They are quick and sort of easy. The cheese will give you protien and the fruit is healthy for you. Try to eat smaller light meals and not let yourself get really hungry
I had this too. Make sure you're taking your prenatal vitamins and eat what you can. Try drinking a protein shake or something if the idea of food makes you sick.I went through morning sickness and then this for about 6 months with my first pregnancy. I barely ate but my baby came out just fine.

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