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Sometimes it's nice to get advice from experts with a lot of letter degrees behind their names, but other times, you just need to hear what another parent (with a M.O.M. behind her name) has done that has worked. You've got questions? These moms have answers. long past ur due date will my doc let me go?

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im due on monday but i have no symptoms of this baby comming long wil my doc wait past my due date before they do something to help this along? i went to the docs about 4 days ago and i was almost i do not know i havent had any contractions or anythinhg.

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i think the doctor will only let you go to 42 weeks before they just enduce you and if you wanna try to speed it up then you can try some of the things to enduce labor
ive tried accupressue, walking either helps
i meant neither helps*
I went into labor 11 days past my expected due date and my baby was born 13 days past EDD.  My dr. started talking about inducation at 39 weeks.  If she had not come, I was scheduled to be induced at 17 days past EDD because the dr. would not let me go any longer than that.  You can try red raspberry leaf tea, evening primrose oil (orally and vaginally), reflexology, cat/dog stretch (yoga), but sex is the only method that has a scientific backup (semen has the same chemicals as pitocin).
Each doctor is different, check what the policy is at your doctors. I actually have a different doctor for my first two births than my third and upcoming fourth (we moved) and they have very different approaches. 42 weeks is the conventional cuttoff and doctors will schedule an induction, usually starting with a pitocin drip which will start and intensify contractions, or cervagel if you are not dialated yet (which you seem to moving right along there!). I had no signs of labor, not even dialated 1 cm at 41 weeks with my last one and my doctor pressured me into an induction. I really wish I had waited another week to let things move along.If you go past 40 weeks you'll probably get another ultrasound or two and maybe a nonstress test for the baby just to check that everything is still okay. Try any at home remedies you're comfortable with to get labor moving along; sex (didn't work for me), acupressure foot massages (check with a local masseuse, go for a full body massage while you're at it!), castor oil and scrambled eggs, or there are plenty of other suggestions.Good luck!
While there are several old wives tales on how to get your labor to come on naturally, a doctor usually wont let you go beyond 42 weeks before they try to induce.  Since you are already dialated to 4 cm, you may be ready to go before you know it.  You can be dialated without having contractions, or you may be having them and not even know it, like I did with my first.  Of course with my second, I had lots of contractions and very slow dialation.  You should be happy its the opposite. You can try some of the ways people tell you to try to help it along, but there is NO proven way to make it happen.  That baby is going to come out when it wants to, not when you want it to, unless you schedule a cesarean.  Good luck, and congratulations. 
With my first I was induced at 15 days past due, with my second I was scheduled to be induced 14 days past due and he came on his own 10 days past due.  Being past due is better than being early, in most cases the longer they are in there the healthier they are at birth (although it is very exhausting and uncomfortable towards the end, believe me I know!).  Hopefully you have a healthy, fast delivery - or had one if you went into labor already - but I would research any natural/home remedies for induction before trying.  Some are not safe and do really work.  Good luck!
i was in the same boat i wasn't dialating or anything i was having contractions but they were only braxton hicks. i was 41 weeks when they induced me but b/c my fluid was low they will not let u go past 42 weeks as long as everything is fine GOOD LUCK! and congrat's =]
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