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he's here(:

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well baby richard izequiel isaac velazquez! was born jan,14!(: i had the epidural it hurt but it was the best descion ive ever made lol(:!! he weighed exactly 8lbs! he's so cute! i tried breastfeeding but it hurt:(.? any help on how to help him lach on better..? i was so nervous but it was worht all the pain(: sorry i havent told you guy's anyy sooner but i've been 2 busy with my new babyboy(: well we are now home and me and my boyfriend havent been any happier ever since i had him we don't fight at all!!! and we get along great now! were like a team! our baby's our world!! and my boyfriend does so much i'll stay up one night and he'll stay up the next(: i havnt went back 2 school yet so that's good give;s me more time to be with my new fam(: well just thought i'd let you guy's know(:!!

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Im glad everythings going good! I was worried about you and baby. Let me tell you this about breastfeeding. You have to want it to work and you have to be patient and persistent. When I had my first at 16 I half assed it and was only able to part time breast feed for 4 months. With my 2nd and 3rd I breast fed them 18 and 15 months. It hurts but your nipple will toughen up. It is the best decision for your baby. You can do it, just keep at it.
thank you and i know but everythings good now! thanks for asking you know that means alot that all of you guy's care:') and oh ok yeah it does hurt my nipple alot but i've been trying alot more ima keep tryng because i know it is good for my son(:
Congrats (:I'm 37 Weeks and 6 Days now, hopefully i get to meet my son soon! I've heard alot about breastfeeding and how much it hurts, i must admit.. i'm pretty scared. i know breastfeeding is the best thing you can do for your baby and yourself. a friend of mine who had her baby back in April said warth/hot cloths on your nipple might help them feel better. i cant say i've tried it but you can give it a shot if you'd like (:Hope you and Your Son are doing great.Xoxo Celss (:
Congratulations!You should meet with a lactation consultant to help you get the hang of breastfeeding. It can be difficult. My little girl won't latch at all so I'm pumping every two hours. It took her a full 24 hours to even drink from a bottle. I met with a lactation consultant in the hospital and she couldn't figure out why my baby girl won't latch properly. It's frustrating, but she just won't do it. So, get some help if you need it. Breastfeeding isn't always natural for mom or baby but it can work for most.
Celss23 - thank you!(: and aww you will very soon! and ok i will try that thank you! && VforVenture - thank you as well! i know i was but i was tired and just wanted to go home and get a little bit of rest but i will i will tellmy mom(: and oh wow maybe soon she'll get the hang of it(:

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