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hey everyone, my son is almost 8 months feel like hes behind

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Hi my name is Sam. My son Bentley is almost 8 months but he's not crawling, waving,pulling up,or saying mamamamama or dadadadada when did ur kids start doing this stuff?

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My daughter caitlyn is 7 months old and she says mama and dada.
Every kid is different. You'd be amazed at what a child that everybody thinks is behind can actually do. When he is ready, he will start doing all those things.
Like AAWM says, every kid is different.  Some kids are more advanced physically - with crawling and walking.  Some kids are more advanced verbally - babbling and then forming words.  I don't think your son is behind, from what you're telling me.  Most kids don't really pick up on the crawling until they're 8/9/10 months old, and a lot of kids don't walk until they're 1 year or more.  (I didn't walk until I was 18 months.)  As for talking - my son is 20 months, and he's only now beginning to form words.  What you can do is work on these things with him.  You say he's not pulling up - how much tummy-time does he get every day?  He should be getting at least 10-15 minutes or more.  You can encourage him to reach for things by putting his toys at arm's length.  You can encourage babbling by talking to him constantly, and repeating the noises he does make.  Teach him how to wave by waving at him, and helping him wave his hand back at you.  Bottom line: talk to your pediatrician.  If he/she isn't worried, you shouldn't be either.  Your son will do these thing at his own pace. 
You have nothing to worry about. I used to feel like my little girl was behind too. My friend has a little boy that is only 2 weeks older than my baby girl and he was crawling and walking way before she was.Some little kids who have older siblings tend to walk and crawl earlier because they have someone they look up too and are desperately trying to keep up with. I don't remember exactly how old mine was when she started to crawl but she didn't take her first step until 13 months.As far as speech, talk to him all the time. About everything and anything. Hearing words and seeing you make words will definately encourge him to try to talk more. I talk to my daughter ALL THE TIME!!! She's 20 months and talks nonstop.
thanks everyonen he got his first tooth last night i was so excites 
All children develop at different rates. The milestone age lists are only averages. Some kids hit those milestones much earlier, some later. As long as he is continuing to develop new skills he should be just fine. But, your son should be having a checkup at 9 months so talk to his doctor then. Your pediatrician will be able to figure out if there's a problem.

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