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Hey Im carly, I am 13 I have a question that I can't ask my parents

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My older sister has an account so I figured I would make an account to ask people that have been through things I am going through questions that I can't ask my parents. I wanted to ask about sex because my mom has told me about sex but she didn't explain everything, Sometimes I feel like I want to touch down there and I am embaressed about it but I can't help it plus my boyfriend has ask me if I wanted to have sex and I know I shouldn't but I want to. Sometimes I have dreams where I have sex how can I stop all this.

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I think its completely normal to feel that way, I remember being young and boys will tell you anything to have sex. I think you should definatly wait because he might say he loves you or that it will be fun but its something that is worth waiting for. As for the urges its nothing to be embaressed about your just curious and at that age everyone felt that way, I think sometimes if you get a mirror and  get to see everything then you will know what everything is.Also if you want to touch it then do it because sometimes its hard to wait but thats something that will help you wait...
As an adult and talking with friends about how they lost their V-card not one of them has a great story. The first time can go two ways, 1. uncomfortable and akward or 2. PERFECT!  At your age number 1 is what will happen.  You will regret having sex at a young age. Also once you have sex with your bf if you dont enjoy it he might not understand why you dont want to do it anymore.  Be proud to be a virgin with the RIGHT to lose it the way YOU deserve!!  I see it this way. Chances are you will not marry the guy you lose your v-card to but the guy will be special.  You will never ever FORGET when you first have sex so make it special and if the guy truly cares he will make it special for you.  Also I cant stress enough to you how much you should wait til you are a few yrs older.  Sex comes with great responsiblity and if you are not prepard it can have bad consequences.  Look, touch and feel yourself all you want bc you have to know your own body and what you like.
Agreed, waiting is oh so very worth it. I had my heart broken over not waiting more than once. DO NOT be ashamed to touch yourself, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it!! Every single woman has and will do it. As far as the dreams, theres not a whole lot you can do, sorry hun. Hang in there, its just part of puberty.
A. You should definitley wait to have sex. In all honesty, you're just too young and you probably aren't prepared to deal with the "consequences" of having sex, which range from pregnancy and STDs to regret. Plus, as cheesy as it sounds, you really should wait until you're with someone you really care about and who cares about you. At 13 any relationship you're in isn't based on true love, respect or compatibility, it's just based on who you think is cute and who you kind of like.I lost my virginity at 19 to a guy I thought was cute but didn't really even know. I figured I was old enough and that I couldn't or shouldn't be a virgin forever, so what was I waiting for? Was it a mistake? Yes. No, I didn't get pregnant, I didn't get an STD and it wasn't terrible. (But it wasn't good either.) But looking back I wish I'd waited longer, until I was in a relationship with someone I really cared about. That first time wasn't special, it just was. And it turns out it was a bigger deal to me than I'd thought at the time, especially now that I'm married. Sex isn't just sex, it's an expression of love, an amazing way of connecting on a deeper level with someone you truly love and who loves you just as much. And that kind of love doesn't find you in middle school or even high school. As far as wanting to touch yourself goes, don't feel bad about it. It's completely normal to have those feelings and it's completely normal to act on them. You're going through a lot of changes right now and your hormones are going crazy. At some point you're going to have to do something to release the mental and hormonal pressure that's building up inside of you. So go ahead and touch yourself. Most girls start doing it around your age and I can pretty much guarantee you that all adult women do it. It's nothing to be ashamed of and you shouldn't feel weird about it. And, once you start you may find that the dreams stop. 

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