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hey its me the 12 year old im 14 now i need to talk

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i turned 13 right after i told everyone i was really 12 and again im sorry for lying im 14 now ill be 15 in may and im pregnant some of you might remember me some might not no rude comments plz

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you need to talk to your parents about what you want to do. i dont know how you feel about adoption, but that's something that you need to look into. having a baby at your age will change your life. good ways, and bad too. i only wish that someone would have been there for you earlier to talk to you about sex. maybe this pregnancy could have been prevented. where is the father of the baby? does he plan to play an active role in the life of your baby? are you going to finish school, get a job, and take care of this baby? there's a lot for you to think about. good luck.
me and the babys dad are in love we didnt plan this it just happend i just need to talk
You also posted regarding this issue on another thread, . Please see my reply to you there.
hi, im alejandra Look when i was 13 a meet my now husband juan only he was 6 years older than me he was 19 at the time.. when i turned 14 we were already having sex but, we used protection (condom). When i turned 15 and he was already 21 he asked me if i wanted to have a baby..? I said yes and so we stoped useing protection and yea i got pregnant i had my daughter at age 16 and let me tell you when i said yes i had no idea what i was getting my self into..!!!!!!A baby changes your life completly..!! You cant go out with your friends to the movies, to dance, to eat not even to hang at the park why? because u have a baby at home who needs you to give her a bath, feed her, change her, carry her, wash her clothes, pacifiers bottles and soo many other things..!! Having a baby is not a game. Babys are a huge responsibility if they cry you have to find a way to make him/her stop crying, and shaking them or hitting them is not even an option...!!Babys need expensive things like dippers which let me tell you there $40 a box and they only last like a week or 2.. baby formula which is about $25 a small that will only last u a few days, they need clothes which are verry expensive and let me tell u they grow them out real fast you wont even notice when it happened, they need bottles, a crib witch is more than $300!! and other little things that add up...!! were are you kids going to get all that money from...? pluss every visit to the doctor is more than $70 if you take it to a private clinic,,,!!  and that doesnt include the medicen.Let me tell you when you see yourself working hard at a job and not being able to keep that money for yourself because your baby needs dippers formula ext or not being able to sleep in the night because the baby has to eat every 2 hours...!! YES BABYS EAT EVERY 2 HOURS...!!  your going to forget how much you love your boyfriend TRUST ME...!! Sweety love is not everything in this world babys dont eat love a baby needs good grown responsible parents by its side....!!Pluss now in days droping out of school is not any more an option....!! not if u dont want to spend the rest of your life killing your self for just $8 an hour...!!
Alejandra, thank you for your post. I think you need to be going to high schools and talking to girls about your experience. Everything you said is true. I am nearly 27, I have a good job and a good man and it is still hard having a baby! Daycare alone costs me $800/month.
I'm glad you are reaching out for help in this difficult situation.  I want to share a story that may help you make a decision.  My brother and I are both adopted.  I have yet to find my biological mother (perhaps you will be an inspiration for that) but my brother found his biological parents and they are now married!  They fell in love in high school and had my brother, but wanted to finish school and go to college, so they gave him up for adoption. He is now very good friends with them and close to all of his biological brothers and he had a great childhood as our adoptive parents were in their 30's and longing for babies when they adopted us.  But giving a baby up is so very hard to do as I know to carry a baby is to fall in love with that baby.  I urge you to continue to reach out no matter what decision you make.
Thankz Kimmieapples ...!! =) I know i have been thinking of doing that for a while now... Just dont know how to get started... And yeah i knw its hard for me too specially now that i have to pay for collage...
i hope that for your sake, and your baby's as well, you have some family support. you are going to need that.
i hope that for your sake, and your baby's as well, you have some family support. you are going to need that.
@alejandra..I dont know when you last checked prices but I have an infant now and boxes of diapers are NOT $40, more like $15-$19, and the small cans of formula are NOT $25, they are $15 (and programs like WIC will help her pay for that) or there's breastfeeding (which is free) if thats an option for her. You also dont need to spend over $300 on a crib, there are dozens of really nice cribs online, in garage sales, resale shops, or even a friend or family member that has one she can use. Also with her age she could also receive madicaid which will pay for all prenatel care, and her baby would be put on it once it is born and will pay for all of Both of the doctors appts.@nita24   It can be done if you really want, have the support, and work really hard, GOOD LUCK!!!


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