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hi i hope someone can help.... i

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Hi I hope someone can help....I have been very nauseous since the,day after my period ended. That went on for a,week and it was accompanied by fatigue. I've had unprotected sex several times before it started. The next weekend following the nausea and fatigue, my breast started to hurt.....still a little nauseous and still tired. Took a preggo test but it came back negative. I was going to the bathroom quite often and was extremely thirsty. I have also been craving sea food. My period is due on the tenth but I haven't been feeling right since my period ended. Could I really be preggo?

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yes, sweetie i took 6 pregnancy test before it sank in that i was going to be a mom, i found out at four weeks. they showed up VERY VERY faint lines that appeared way after i took the tests, so take another one and wait for like 5 to 10 mins and study it.... thats what i did(with all 6).if you see anything that maybe could look like a line, save it, and wait til that next day or late the same night you took it, mine got darker that way.. hope i could help..
I was only able to get a positive result on a clearblue digital.  I couldn't get the "read the line" ones to work for me, even afgter my + on the Clearblue.  Maybe try a digital test, or call you dr for a blood test.
If you aren't on any form of contraceptive, you could be pregnant.  If you are on some form of contraceptive, it may be causing pregnancy symptoms, especially if you haven't been on it for long (meaning less than a year).  I have sensitivity to birth control and had symptoms that mocked pregnancy when I was taking the pill (morning sickness, food cravings, water retention, etc.)  I recommend taking another pregnancy test for sure. 
I've taken another test and its still negative.....and I'm two days late. Idk what to do. But thank all of you for your answers
the next best thing might be to get a blood test done plus maybe an ultrasound.
It's possible. I was the same way nauseous and tired and going to the bathroom every 5 min. It wasn't wntil I was 8 weeks that I found out I was pregnant. I had an ultrasound about a week later & there he was. Good luck!!!!

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