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Hi... I need help...this is my moms account but I'm 13 and...

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I'm 13 years old and I see that my mom has wrote about me. I was the one that had sex. I went to the doctor but my mom didn't come with me and i found out I'm Pregnant! I still haven't told her and I don't want to. I don't want to look into abortion but i think i should Im totally scared and need help!

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OMG Sweetie please tell you mom she needs to know you are so young a lot can happen as you get futher along that you need to tell you mom, I am only 8 years older than you I have a little girl and a baby boy... Your mom may be mad at you but coming from a mother she will be so greatful that you told her and talked to her about it. My own opinon I dont think abortion is alwyas the right way there are a lot of people who can't have kids that would love to adopt your baby or maybe if after you talk with your mom you could discuss what your life would be to keep your baby... all of that aside Life id full of choices that you must make youself having sex at 13 probally not the greatest choice... but none the less take responisbilty for your actions... Do you know who the father is and have you told him yet is he your age or older... Why did you want to have sex so young???? I am here to talk to if you would....
yes, your mom has written about you on this site. seem's to me that she's worried about you, and for very good reason. unforntunatley, after reading the ? that she posted about you telling her you lost your virginity, i was afraid that this would happen. you need to talk to your mother, asap. you clearly did not have a problem telling her you had sex, so why did you not ask for birth control? don't have an abortion. adoption is something you can and should discuss with your parents. good luck.
You need to talk to your mom, hun. She loves you incredibly and will help you through this. No one knows you better than your mom. And, don't worry. My friend had sex at 13 too and suffered the consequences later. You're not the only one out there!P.S: I know you are scared but with your mother's help you'll raise great children like she did... but just talk to the child about sex sweetheart.
At just 13, carrying a baby to full term could produce more stress on your body's systems (heart, lungs, kidneys etc.) than they can easily cope with. Your baby would also be at much greater medical risk than if you were fully grown before becoming pregnant. You are at an age when you are still growing and developing yourself, and your baby will be competing for the resources that your own body needs. <br><br>You also need to think about the tremendous disruption to your education that you will face if you continue with the pregnancy, especially if you keep the baby rather than having an abortion or giving it up for adoption. <br><br>Finally, it costs money to have a baby, even before it is born. Not only will there be regular visits to the doctor for expensive tests and checks, but giving birth in hospital will likely cost $5000 or more. Do your parents have health insurance that will cover all or some of these costs? <br><br>Personally, if I was in your situation, at this point I would be thinking hard about having an abortion. Ultimately, though, that decision is up to you. My view is that the main person you need to think about in this situation is yourself -- not the developing fetus, not your parents, not the religious tradition you may have been brought up in, but YOU. <br><br>As a 13-year-old, do you want to burden yourself with a child that you have to look after 24 hours a day, risking your health, giving up your education, possibly living in poverty, and all at an age when you have neither the life experience, the financial resources or the knowledge to easily handle being a parent? <br><br>At the very least, you MUST discuss the situation with your mother and/or both your parents NOW. The earlier you take action, the more options you will have: your pregnancy will not go away just because you try to ignore it. <br><br>I would also very strongly recommend that you talk with someone from Planned Parenthood to get professional advice and help. It is up to you whether to include your mother in that discussion, but if you feel able to do so, I think it would be a good idea. The more you two are on the same page as each other about how you are going to handle your pregnancy, the better.
Your mom will most likely see this the next time she logs on so you better tell her yourself before she finds out by reading it on here. That would not help your situation at all.
If you choose to keep the child you will have a tough road but with a good support system you will be okIf you choose to give the baby to some loving couple who can not have children of their own know they will love your child and consider them and you an amazing blessing and answer to their prayers -trust me I know because my husband and I will be adopting as soon as we can afford itIf you choose not to have the baby you are making a decision about your own body (although as a minor in most states your parents have to sign off) you have the option but just know whatever you choose needs to be the right decision for you
im 14 i once pretended to be a mother when i was 12 i didnt delete my account on here i really wanted a baby and now im pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  which is great im happy but my mom doesnt know either im totally scared but me and the dad are in love and we want to keep the baby my mom would not be happy but i dont want an abortion  and i dont know what to do
Nita, I would give you the same advice as I gave the original questioner (see above).14 is far too young to start a family. I believe you when you say you and the dad are in love, but at the age you are now you both still have an awful lot of growing up to do, not to mention an education to complete. It is very possible that you and the father will turn out to have quite different personalities and interests, and I think it would be a big mistake to allow your pregnancy to tie you to him at this stage in your life. You need to find out who you are before you commit yourself to a permanent relationship: consider that statistically speaking, the younger people are when they marry for the first time, the more likely they are to divorce eventually. People who start families when they are as young as you are also miss out on a normal social life with people of their own age, not to mention any hope of a good career (by which I mean a career that requires an education). Are you prepared to slave away indefinitely in a boring, ill-paid dead-end job when you enter today's job market? It is already difficult enough even for people with training to break into it, let alone someone with no skills who hasn't even finished high school (which will be you if you continue with your pregnancy). You need to talk through the various options you have with someone who fully understands your situation and who can help you make the decisions that are best for you. In the first instance, I suggest you visit the Planned Parenthood website ( to find a health center close to you so that you can go and see one of their advisors.  
Both of you young girls who are pregnant need to talk to your moms and be honest with them!things will work out!
WOW.. Well i respect others opinions but I dont think abortion is the way out because it always leaves girls feeling guilty at the long run...!! And your only 13 so i dont think you can take the decicion for your self with out your mom.. Look your mom loves you and im sure shes going to help you.. What i dont understand is why if you were able to tell her you had sex you werent able to ask her for birthcontrol...? Im 18 and im sorry to say but no matter what decicion you take its going to hunt you for the rest of your life....!! if you abort it your going to always remember it...!! if u give it on adoption your always going to wonder were is he..? how is he..? does he hate me for doing what i did...? and if you have it your life is going to change completly... I think you should tell your mom as soon as possible for your health and that babys...!!


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