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His mom is unbearable!

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When we go over there all she does is ask "Oh how is the baby doing?" "Are you taking care of MY baby?" and other things. Doesn't even bother to ask how I am or anything, all she cares about is the baby, and she goes around and says "My baby" all the time, like she is pregnant again. This isn't her first grandchild either, so it's not the new grandma thing. I dont know if it is just the hormones or what, but I cannot stand her! I told my fiance about it and he talked to her, yet she still does it. Also, just recently I am putting together a baby shower for some friends who will be out of state for school and such when I am closer to my due date. She called one day to talk about something and then asked me if I wanted to to make the cake. I said that it wasnt a problem and for a good 5 minutes I sat there and talked to her about the cake and everything. Yesterday we were at his sisters and she asked me what I said to their mom about the cake. I told her that I told her she could do it and his sister goes, "Thats what I thought." Apparently their mom is telling everyone that I said I would do the cake by myself and I pretty much shot her down on the idea and I made her feel bad. All because I guess she wanted to do a pacifier shaped cake and I said, "No thanks, I was thinking of a baby bottle or something." I swear she tried to pull the sympathy card with every situation, and she always tries to find a way to bad mouth me. I am kinda at the end of my rope here, and I can already tell that I am going to snap on her before the baby is due. I dont know what to do. Anyone else's mother in law or boyfriends mom like this? What can I do make it stick in her mind this is my pregnancy, and I can choose what I want for my baby shower cake. -If I even want one anymore?-

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Good luck with that. Some guy's mothers never change no matter how much any one talks to them. I'd tell you to bite your tongue but that will probably cause more problems than if you were just to snap at her and apologize later. It's always fun to blame the hormones even if we know that its not the problem. I'd be a b*tch and tell her to her face what is bothering you. At least that way she will leave you alone for a few days.
You need to start picking your battles.  Your mother-in-law isn't going anywhere, nor is she going to change.  But the way you handle her can, and it's how you handle her that will make her more or less bearable. Look: life with her is going to be a lot better if you let her win a few.  She wants to make you a cake: great.  Let her make you a cake.  If it's a pacifier and not a baby bottle: who cares?  It's still a cake, she still made it out of love, and she'll be happy and pleased and will leave you alone for a few others.  You can even word it like that: "Okay, you make the cake a pacifier, but I'd like it to be chocolate flavored and not yellow."  How you deal with her now is going to shape how you deal with her later.  And it only gets worse from here on out - wait until Christmas comes along, and she starts buying the new baby presents......
Haha, heres something funny-- its MY mom, not his mom that is driving me crazy. I think its the hormones for me..she doesnt usually annoy me this easily. I dont know if its the same case for you, maybe your mother-in-law is really a monster-in-law if you were having problems earlier but if its just been bothering you since youve gotten pregnant it might be the hormones too. Maybe a mixture of both?

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