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Hitting head

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We have a 18 month old son. Whenever he gets mad he hits his head on anything he can find, ie doors, coffee table, walls, toys, he will even head butt us and many more things. We have tried timeouts, holding him and we dont know what else to do. Does anyone have any advise? We are scared he is going to do some real damage to himself

answers (4)

Put a bike helmet on him and ignore the behavoir each time you coddle/cuddle him when he does this you reinforce the behavoir
My son does this too.  If I can see it coming I can pick him up and distract.  Otherwise I just say 'that's silly you'll get hurt" and try to ignore him.  It has lessened with age.
my daughter did the same thing. it will end with time. don't pick him up and coddle, that's just reinforcing the bad behavior, as a previous poster stated. time-outs don't work with some children. have you tried spanking him?
i just read my post. ignore the spanking bit. at this age, kids have a hard time expressing and dealing with their feelings. tell him, "i know you mad. and that's ok. but we don't throw toys, or hit our head."

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