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Hoe Do You feel About Baby Signing

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As a parent do you feel that teaching your child to use sign as a means to communicate is a smart parenting idea or do you feel the opposite about this topic. There is much controversy on whether baby signing benefits children or not, i'm interested to hear your view points. I have been teaching my children how to sign since they were born and feel that it has done wonders for me. How do feel about it? Signing is my passion so I am interested to hear what other parents think about it.

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I think it can be a great communication tool, especially if the child is in a daycare where the caregivers also sign. It has the potential to make communication easier.But, I have also seen plenty of cases where it actually delays a child's speech development. I've known several children who relied on signing and didn't actually work on learning how to speak. I haven't taught my children to sign but my oldest daughter did learn that non-verbal communication was easier and she was speech delayed.As a stay at home mom, I don't see any benefits for teaching my kids to sign. I understand their needs, I understand their words. I haven't had to deal with my kids being overly frustrated from communication issues.
My daughter knew more, eat, bath, book, please, thank you and all done. She has a lot of words but those words took a long time to come. She was talking really well and would still use the sign for please until she was almost 2 years old instead of the word. I have tried with my son to teach him some signs. He is almost 10 months old and has signed more and eat when coping me but not on his own. My daughter was signing eat and more by 8 months, I do not think I worked as hard on teaching him.
Everyone I have spoke to says Baby Sign language works-
Teaching babies sign language is more than just an early communication method, it has some good child developmental benefits too

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