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"hold me mom"

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My husband is always holding our son even though I ask him not to, and he gets mad and says he's going to do it anyway, so now every time we go... well anywhere, my son wants me to be holding him and I don't want to. I do let him throw fits, but it's so embarrassing when everyone stops to stare, any other ideas? PLEASE HELP!

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How old is your son? If he's old enough that he's out of a stroller and holds your hand well he doesn't need to be held or carried anywhere unless he's absolutely exhausted or is injured. In my opinion, big kids need to act like big kids. Your husband needs to understand that his actions are not only causing stress for you but are preventing your son from acting his age.Do you also have younger children? I know my almost 3 year old daughter wants to be picked up a lot because my husband and I often hold our 17 month old son.
My son is two and he will hold my hand and just walk with me, but after about five minutes he's whining for me to carry him. And he is my only child, so it can't be that one :(
Two is still young. My son is 17 months and he's still a big baby. That's just how boys are. Make sure you give him lots of one on one attention and when you're out, have a stroller with you so he doesn't have to walk too much. My kids love walking because it makes them feel big, but they get bored with it quickly and want to be held. At this point there isn't much else you can do. Kids this age love being big and independent but they're still super needy and want to be treated like babies. Like just about everything else, this is probably just a phase. So let him walk as long as he wants and then put him in the stroller or shoping cart so you don't have to carry him.

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