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is honey safe to use during pregnancy

2 answers
I've heard that it is toxic to give honey to newborns. Is it safe to have drinks with some honey in them during pregnancy?

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It's perfectly safe for a pregnant woman to eat honey. The gut flora of adults and children over a year old are able to fend off the botulism spores that may be present in honey, and render them harmless. Since the spores would be killed in your gastrointestinal tract, they would not make it into your bloodstream and therefore cannot be passed to the baby.
it's safe, but for your best best, you need only buy honey at the grocery store. the risk of botulism posioning can be much higher when you purchase it from a local farm, or produce stand that you see on the sides of a hwy. the honey you see in the grocery store has almost always been pasturized (or so i hear)

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