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So for about 3 days now I have been a wreck...All my hormones are just attacking my body! I hate to get all personal but I feel like it's necessary..I have been horny all the time, I know that's a disgusting word but what else am I supposed to say, Like literally I am craving sex..Alex is lovin it but I am tired. And another thing is, sometimes I love him and other times I just wanna leave his ass for no reason...I don't like feeling like that, I didn't have a dad growing up and I want to give my baby the life I always wanted. Last night I was crying over something that makes no sense, and this morning I flipped out on my mom because she ate all the cupcakes..I was literally crying my eyes out because we don't have cupcakes..That's pathetic... I just want my baby here, that's all I want, and I am only 6 weeks so I got 33 weeks to go, I don't know if I can make it. Am I even gonna be able to take care of this baby, I don't even know how I feel anymore..I am scared, I was scared before and then I blocked it from my head and now it's back. Am I supposed to feel like this? Is it okay to feel like this? Will it get better? :)

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Things should settle down, probably after your first trimester. You're still young, not even completely through puberty, so it seems logical that the hormonal fluctuations would have a bigger effect on you.When I was pregnant with my girls, I would cry over every little thing. It was worse with my first, even tv commercials would have me sobbing. It was ridiculous. With my son, I would get crazy angry over nothing. The littlest things would send me into a full blown rage. Thankfully, I'm really good at controlling my emotions, so no one really had to experience my anger. And there's the cravings. Once, while pregnant with my son, all I wanted was french fries. But, we were living in CA at the time and had almost no money, so my husband said I couldn't go out for food. It was the middle of the day, I hadn't eaten anything, and I didn't want any of the food we had in the house. I felt like I was starving, I ended up sitting on the kitchen floor crying because all I wanted was french fries. Oh, and with girls, I'm crazy for sex. Crazy. Of course, I also have that problem when my husband is away, like right now. He's on a four day hunting trip, and it's all I can think about. I'm also that way when I'm ovulating.
I'm like that with commercials to, especially the dog abuse one,I love animals anyways but it's even worse now..The thing that I have been craving is turkey sandwitches, I can't get enough, untill about an hour ago they started making me sick to my stomach.I have also been craving shrimp, and cake but just the icing..I just wish I could go one day without crying over something stupid, or freaking out on Alex over something as little as not saying I love you every second..It's ridiculous, and I cannot stand it..I like being in control and when I can't control my own emotions it drives me crazy! And about the sex thing, It's crazy, I am talking like 5-6 times a day..Depending on what day it is, sometimes he goes to school, which sucks for me..Luckily I am homeschooled, being around all the gossip in high school might make me kill all the kids in school.I don't wanna have my kid in jail..Thanks for the advice I thought I was just crazy...:)
It does definitely feel crazy. Hopefully your hormones will calm down a little after your first trimester is over. Until then, just do your best to tell yourself to be calm, that you're not really that upset, and do what you can to minimize those emotional triggers.  I know it's hard, but it does get easier. And, not that it really helps you now, but my second and third pregnancies were much easier than my first.
Atleast theres hope.

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