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Hormones and weight gain

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OK, So I know there may only be like 12 people out there me included that have been through this, but I need some help. First I am in surgery induced menopause at the age of 28. while on esteragin I was able to loose wieght and looked/felt better about myself post baby/ c-section. I recently had to have another abdominal surgery to remove my cervix, and more endometrosis, and due to the endo I am no longer on estragin, but progestrone only. So I take agesten, and I get a lupron shot every month. So between the c-section, abdominal super cervical hysteroctomy, and now the more recent one my stomach has a scar that a gangster would be ashamed of. The issue is, ever since I started this new medical routine (with no way of getting out of it for the next 4 months) I was wondering and looking for new tips to help keep weight off, and get rid of the belly bloat/ pot belly that I have gotten. I have done the cardio, and reduced calorie, and more meals, and almonds, but nothing is helping. My stomach muscles while engaged are very strong and firm, but I am jigglie and am in 2 sizes up in pants.... Needless to say I am struggeling with my body and how it looks. Any ideas would be great. thanks for the help and ideas fellow mommies.

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I would suggest you sign up with It's a free site that tracks calories and exercise and has message boards with tons of knowledgable people and some are probably going through exactly the same thing you are. When trying to burn fat it's extremely important to make sure you're eating the right amount of calories, reducing them isn't always the right way to go. Strength training will help burn fat more consistently throughout the day. Make sure you're not consuming too much sodium or refined sugar.

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