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horrid tantrums and bratty behavior

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as you all know, i recently had a new baby. my 2 1/2 year old daughter has not paid much attention to her baby sister until now. at first, she acknowledged her existence, but would just look at her like, "mommy i don't like this new toy. it doesn't do anything." i was pleased at first that she did not show any signs of jealousy. she's pretty mean to our 3 dogs, and i was terrified that she would exhibit the same behavior with my newborn. a few days ago, her terrible two's kicked into turbo gear. she is throwing astronomical tantrums where she throws herself on the floor whining, while saying, "ooowww! ooowww!" i know this is attention-seeking behavior, so i ignore it as i would any other tantrum. that only intensifies the situation, because she's irritated that i won't acknowledge her. i have even tried saying something along the lines of, "your alright, paisley. if your going to act like that, then go to your room and let me know when your done." she proceeds to her room, comes out quiet for a minute or so, and then starts all over again. i spend as much one on one time with her as i can between the housework, and caring for my newborn. i'm at my wit's end here, and i don't know what else to do. any tips?

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I send my older kids to their rooms all the time. Audrey is almost 3 1/2 and she whines and cries about everything. She gets a time out in her room every single day because I just can't handle her. Harrison is almost 2 and he's actually pretty good. He was only jealous of Vivienne while I was trying to breastfeed. Now that I've gone back to pumping he's fine. Audrey was 18 months old when Harrison was born and she was fine then so I'm surprised that she's been having issues this time around.Last week I took her out for a special day with just the two of us. That helped a lot. She really enjoyed shopping and a special lunch. I also have her help me as much as possible. Being a helper makes her feel special since she can do things my other two can't. She helps pick up toys, she brings me pacifiers, throws away diapers, etc. I also ignore housework sometimes so that I can spend more time with my kids. Keeping my kids happy and giving them love and attention is more important than keeping a spotless house. 
honestly, the only housework i have been worrying about since my little one was born is laundry and dishes. everything else can wait until my husband is off of work. for a while, she would hand me a bottle or pacifier. i always made a big deal out of praising her for the help, and saying something like, "thank you so much for helping mommy like a big girl!" but a few days ago, she stopped doing that, and has resorted to pulling all the wipes out of the container, or unscrewing the lids off of used bottles.
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