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How is the best way to help a 8 mth old coupe with divorce?

3 answers
Me and my husband split about a week and a half ago. we couldnt get along since the arrival of our son which is now 8 mths. we were constantly argunig and he would pretty much never stay home. my son has been having dirreaha and been not acting himself im just wondering how do i help him coupe with the split and make him happy?

answers (3)

At 8 mos I don't know if your son is really aware of everything that is happening, at least not in the same way you are aware of it.A lot of his routine has probably changed and it will take him sometime get adjust.  If you are emotional upset or unease your son is probably aware of that, which could make him upset.It is probably more a matter of getting him into a new routine than helping him cope.If you are worried about his health take him to a doctor.
he's probably unaware of what's really going on, but you need to be aware that he's very sensitive to your feelings. if you are stressed or upset, you will pass that along to him. you need to try and keep yourself as upbeat as possible while you are around him and save the sulking until he is asleep. your main objective is to keep him healthy and happy. if you are worried about his health, then you need to talk to his ped.
I agree if your concerened with his bowels take him to a doctor, I am sorry to hear your getting a divorce, but now you should just focus on you and your son, and keep a regular routine, things will calm down, I hope you both will be ok

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