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How can I calculate me due date, I think my ob's date is off!

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Im getting very frustrated, with my Ob, I have recieved 3 different due dates, and the differ from what my perinatologist has given me. When we get Ultrasounds taken, the date of gestation seems more accurate than what my Ob tells me. For example, He will tell me Im 27 wks along, 3 weeks later, he will say Oh your only 25 weeks along, im dumbfound it! Im most sure Im 36 weeks now, and Im very unhappy that I my Ob, seems to ignore my concerns and questions about my due date. I know My first date of my last period was 3-9-2011, I calculated that Dec 22-23, 2011, is close to my due date. Can anyone help me find some Peace of mind?!

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If you had an early ultrasound during your first trimester that should be what your doctors are using to calculte your due date. The age of a baby is very easy to figure out at that point. If you had one, your doctors shouldn't be deviating from that due date. (I had one at 9 weeks and my due date has stuck, even though my baby has been measuring big for almost 8 weeks.) At your next appointment ask your doctor why there are so many changing/conflicting due dates and ask him or her to calculate it again for you. If this is bugging you, be persistent and keep asking your questions until you get some answers.

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