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How can I CURE my son's severe diaper rash?

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My 11 month old has a severe diaper rash up front and he keeps irritating it. I've tried every kind of diaper rash cream that I could find, I've let him go diaperless for 24hrs, used neosporin, let him sit in a bath, but nothing is working. He's had it for about 2 weeks now and we don't have medicaid yet so we're trying to take care of it with out getting a huge bill from a dr or ER.

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Hmm.  How long did you stick with the diaper rash creams?  They don't work instantly - sometimes they'll take a day or two or three, if it's very bad.  You also shouldn't mix the creams together, or use them in conjunction with baby powder.  I'm sure you're not, but I say it just in case. My only other suggestion is to try changing diaper brands - even if you've been using the same brand from Day One, it's possible that the brand has changed dyes or perfumes, or your son has developed an allergy or intolerance to them.  If you want to go fragrance- and chlorine-free, 7th Generation makes a very good diaper that can be found at ToysRUs or most of the big grocery stores, and you can get $1 off coupons from their website.
Gold bond medicated powder works GREAT for boys!!!
It may be an allergic reaction to a new food. Sometimes acidic foods like citrus fruits, strawberries, tomatoes, etc. can cause irritation. Think about the foods he's been eating and see if there's something new that could be causing it.Or, you may need to switch diapers. I had problems with diaper rash with my daughter until we started using Earth's Best diapers. They are incredibly absorbent and they're made with only natural ingredients, no chemicals at all.You should also make sure you're using a natural diaper cream. I like Method because it's all natural, but there are lots of other brands like Burt's Bees, BabyGanics, California Baby...Go to Toys R Us or Babies R Us and take a look at their selection of natural products.
Try an oatmeal bath, I use destine and i love it, or vaseline
First make sure its not an allergy to maybe his diapers or any food or anything else. If youre sure its not an allergy then i would suggest what my mother in law had me do with my son. his diaper rash got so bad it would bleed sometimes! & the drs prescription cream just let the rash come back again just as give your son a bath, wash him down there with a gentle soap like johnsons baby wash. then make sure his bath water is fresh & soap free & sprinkle baking soda all in his water. let him sit & play for 15-30 mins. take him out & dry him completely maybe even let him air dry for a lil. then use something like A&D Ointment & cover the whole rashy area & even just beyong the edges of it. sprinkle baby powder all over that. then put the diaper back on. at his next diaper change repeat the A&D & powder treatment til the rash is gone.By the way my son never got a bad rash again after i did this! i really hope it works as well for you & your son.
Use one of the yeast infection kits that come with the little tube of cream.  Worked for my sons in 24 hours.  If he has a diaper rash you can't get rid of, chances are he has a little yeast infection at the area.
We used pure cornstarch (from the grocery section - not the J&J baby powder kind) and it worked overnight.  the baby stopped crying as soon as it touched his skin.  After it cleared up a little, we would bathe and dry him and put some vaseline on the area.  This is not a good idea for baby girls though - they can get yeast infections really easy.  Also, don't forget sometimes a little pain medicine and wet washclothes instead of wipes (which have stinging chemicals in them) provide some pain relief.  Good luck, hope your little guy feels better soon!
Sometimes they get a yeast type rash which take a perscription cream to get rid of. My daughter got it and she needed this cream it was the only one that worked. I know tat would mean a trip to the dr but it might be better then letting him get sore.
My son got a diaper rash so bad it was almost bleeding.  The peditricain said to use water to wash his bottom and "area" and then use vasoline.  He said diaper creams can actually make it worse since it is so thick and gets stuck on the skin.
my son got a diaper rash so bad he had blisters. we didnt know what to do and everything seemed to make it worst. we took him to the doctor and he told use not to use wipes(even a damp rag) of any kind, because it irrtates the rash, making it worst. he gave us a squeezy water bottle and told us to litely clean the area. he had us treat the blisters with neosporin and he also told us to use cornstarch medicated. within, like, a day it was gone completely


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