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How can I engage my child in sports?

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She won't participate in indoor soccer...even though she wanted us to sign her up When we get to the gym, she won't play with the other children, she just wants to sit with us (her parents). I don't want to push her, but I want her to get some exercise and engage with other children. Advice?

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Depending on how your daughter is with seperation, put her in something that you aren't there for. We put out daughter in dance when she turned 3, and the studio has a policy on no parents in the studio during classes (we can watch on a screen in the waiting area). When mom and dad aren't there, the child has no choice by to engage. But that really depends on the kid. Since we started her in dance, she is more coordinated, independant, and social, so it was well worth the money. She now does soccer and skating too, and ignores that we are even there.

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