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How can i get my 2 year old son to behave in a store or in general?

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I feel like i have tried evertyhing...i don't know what to do..can someone please give me some advice????

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I deffinatly have the same problem,My daughter throws horrible tantrums! Sometimes it gets so bad the I have to put her in her room untill she stops crying because she kicks,bites,hits and won't stop no matter what you are saying. The one thing I have found that stops her tantrum, and this could sound crazy, but my pediatrician have me a whistle, and it works! As soon as she starts to scream I blow the whistle and she calms down long enough for me to talk to her, then just say  *I understand your upset but you need to talk to mommy*. I have gotten so many dirty looks but it is te only thing that works for me, if the child does something bad I suggest time outtt.
see what my sons does is sometimes he grabs the stuff on the store shelf and he throws it and when there stuff in the cart hell grab them n toss them out the cart.When he walks around the store and he dont get his way he'll cry or run around the store and when i grab his hand hell sometimes drop himself on the floor and he makes a crazy seen. we tried timeout n hell jus laugh or get mad throw stuff at's jus crazy cuz i dont know why he acts like that.
Well with time out you have to be consistent, if he gets up put him back, if he is still uposet he doesn't get up. He has to stay there untill he is calm, it could be 2 minutess or 2 hours, my daughter threww a 2 hour long tantrum so she sat there untill she was ccalm enough to apollogize. Another thing you could do is make a chart, everyday that he doesn't throw a tantrum he gets a sticker then at the end of the week you guys take him to the park or somethin.
You need to set boundaries and you need to be consistent with your discipline. Your son needs to know that you are serious and that you won't tolerate bad behavior. When you're shopping and he starts throwing things, tell him you want him to stop and explain why you won't tolerate that kind of behavior. If he does it a second time, explain to him that you will leave the store if he doesn't stop. If he does it a third time, leave the store. You can do the same three chances when he misbehaves at home, but use a time out as a consequence. (If he enjoys time outs in his room, you can make him sit in a corner.) 
It all depends on if he likes to go shopping.  If you all are at a public place that he enjoys, (movies, maybe), then choose a matinee (they're cheaper...some theaters show cartoons in the afternoon that are super cheap) and when he starts to act up, warn him that if he acts up again, you all will leave and MEAN IT.  If he tries it again, then without saying anything, gather up your stuff, and leave.  He'll eventually get the hint and know that you mean business. 

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