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How can i get my 2 year old son to listen when i say no?

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my son is not excatly 2 yet but come october he will be but he is sooo defiant and just looks at me and then does it anyways knowing he is not aloud to do it.. he consistintly is crying and throwing himself on the floor,always climbing on the desk to messing with the computer,and i know that babies get into things bc they are babies but its getting to bad.... he bits a lil and headbutts my mother and husban i am just fustrated but i feel nothing i do works please help me....

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have you tried spanking his ass? my daughter is 21 months old. i have only spanked her 4 times. she got the message very quickly, that when you don't listen, you get punished. time outs have no effect on her. put up some gates to keep him away from restricted areas. they sell them at walmart for around $10. small investment to make, but it will keep your child safe. he needs to learn that he can't just go anywhere he wants, and do anything he wants. create boundaries, and stick with it. when he bites, block it with his own arm, causing him to bite himself, instead of someone else. that's the only thing that worked for us.
Wow, this is the third answer from PinkPaisley that I completely disagree with. I understand your frustration. I've been there with a step child who definitely did not want to listen to me, but spanking is never the answer. It may seem to work right now out of shock, but please do not physically harm your baby. I can't understand why anyone would want to spank a baby who is not even 2 years old yet. That's laziness. It seems easy and you're angry so you're basically using your baby as your punching bag. The American Academy of Pediatrics does not recommend spanking and explain in this article why spanking is not a long term solution and does not actually work though it may seem to at first since the baby/child is in shock. AAP recommends no spanking and discusses why it doesn't work A child that age is not capable of manipulation though it may seem that way at times. No is not really an effective word I've found. It's too general. If your baby is getting into things that you do not want them getting in to. Take what they aren't supposed to have out of their hand and say not for (insert child's name here) Give them one of their toys and say this is (insert child's name here)'s. If that does not seem effective, make it impossible for him to have access to the things you don't want him playing with. 
Limit the use of the word "no" to only dangerous, serious, life-threatening issues.  Instead use distraction, diversion, etc.  They will be more likely to listen to a stern "no" when you are not saying it all the time over little, minor things. 
for the record, my daughter has three chances to stop bad behavior before she gets a spanking. she's a very well behaved child, so it almost always clears up with the first chance. of course, she pushes the limits at times. she's a toddler. but she will learn that she's not going to do and say whatever she wants, and whenever she wants. there are rules, and there are consequenses when the rules are broken. when those consequenses lose their effect, you employ some stricter options.
i was spanked as a child and fully agree with it. i didnt lose my toys, or miss out on anything and was very well behaved. i believe spanking is the only way and will use it on my children. spanking works if its done correctly. 
i wasnt just spanked when i was a child but i beatin however i do beleive in spankins to a point and a certin age. about age 6 is when you should stop and start to ground them and take away some of there privlages that they enjoy the most for a few days. i dont care wat any organization says bout spanking cause they dont know what it is realy about. all they see is an adult hiting a child but thats not what it is about. i spank my step daughter and shes 2 (not to hard but hard enough were i get her attention) but she dont listen my her mother who dont spank her or anything like that. dont get me wrong u shouldnt spank them all the time because most of the time the word no and then movin them to a new location works but yes there is a time were a child should be spanked.

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