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How can I get my 5yo to stop making annoying noises?

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I have two sons (5 and 6). They are 17 months apart. The 5yo is clearly dominant and works overtime to ensure he always has people's attention - often in bad ways. He fills every silent moment with his voice - whether it's making annoying noises or generally talking very loudly. What are some strategies or suggestions to help modify his behavior to reduce the headaches from his constant noises? Thanks.

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As kids get older they start these types of behaviors because they are seeking attention. Make sure he gets enough attention and one on one time with you. After that, don't encourage this behavior by giving it attention. Don't completely ignore him, that will make it worse. But not acknowledging the noises will get him to understand that the noises don't get him attention, just as you would if he were repating words or phrases you didn't want him to say. Telling him to stop, giving him time outs or punishments gives him negative attention, which encourages behavior you don't like and will start to make him misbehave more to get some kind of attention, even if it's negative. Praise his good behvior, overlook the noises and give him the attention he needs. He may need something specific in the way of attention, maybe one on one time with Dad, or maybe he just wants to be on the same level with his big brother (if he's not already). Figure out why he seems to need more attention, modify whatever is wrong and the behavior should stop on its own.I have two kids (so far) and they're 18 months apart. For the most part, I don't treat them differently. They're only toddlers at this point but my son (16 months) has almost all the same skills as my daughter (almost 3 years). He's just gotten all his molars so now they're even eating all the same foods. They're so close in age they're practically twins and that how you need to treat your boys. Make sure they get the same privileges, the same foods and snacks, the same toys, etc. 
From what I understand of most five year olds, negative attention is attention, so when you get exasperated because of the noises they make, it's attention, regardless, so they seek it out again. Kind of like a bully trying to get a rise out of you (not that your child is a bully of course)One thing I would try is first ignoring the noises, and when they address you personally in a loud voice or with loud noises, talk to your hands, or whatever your doing "you know, I love to talk to my boy Alex, but I don't like talking to him when he's yelling"That works with my sibling(s) (in law or otherwise) and with my almost 2 year old childor if that doesn't work, talk to another adult in the house in front of the child, say something super loud "HON COULD YOU GET ME A GLASS OF WATERR!!!!" to which they reply "I'm only going to do something for you if you can talk quietly inside" and then say "oh, you're right, sorry, may I have some water please?" it emphasizes the volume, AND the fact that you are saying please =)hope this helps!
um.....duct tape...? lol (I'm kIdding...)My 5 almost 6 year old talks non stop, he really just can't help it.If he is loud I tell him to use an inside voice and he will fix himself, but soon after he forgets and doesn't realise he is talking so loudly. I advise a hearing test just to be sure that part is alright. As far as the annoying noises I would tell him that you don't like that noise, if he continues then ignore it.I get bad frequent headaches and it is tough with such a chatterbox in the house but I would never dream of stopping my son from talking (or asking his millions of silly questions a day)Don't forget each child is different and he just may be more of a talkative kid than your other son.He must be in school at that age, talk to his teacher is he like that at school also? He isn't necessarily trying to get attention just because he wants to talk a ton, if he is like that at school also it might just be him in general. if he only does it at home then it MIGHT be more of a jealousy thing, maybe he needs more attention?Good luck

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