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How can I get my 7 month old to sleep past 3am?

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My almost 7 month old baby girl has never been a good sleeper but has come a long way. She goes to bed around 7pm and sleeps sound until 3am. She wakes up happy and ready to get up. I have tried many methods including trying to pat her to sleep, the Ferber Method, and I always leave her in her crib until 5:15- the time I would like her to wake up (well 6:00 would be better but I'm trying to be reasonable!). I would think during this approx. 2 hour stretch that she would fall back asleep but she doesn't. She does not eat throughout the night and I hold off feeding her until 6am so hunger does not wake her. After her waking at 3:00 and getting her out of her crib at 5:15, by 7:00 I am fighting to keep her awake. I have read not to let them sleep this early because it is actually their last sleep cycle of the night. So I hold her off to as close to 9am as I can get. She usually naps for 1.5 hours at 9am and then just over 1 hour at 2pm. I have tried making her room colder/warmer, different pajamas, feeding her cereal before bed, gas medicine. She has not had a big milestone like crawling so that isn't it either. I have read all the main sleep books and have tried all of their solutions with no success. Please help! I feel like I am just going to have to live with this but I know there must be something I am not doing right to help her sleep. I know waking up for the day at 3am is not normal. Any suggestions would be very appreciated. Thank you : )

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