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how can i get my baby daddy back?

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my boyfriend broke up with me and we are going on a date and i want him to be there for the baby. any advise on what should i do to rekindle what we felt before? i know you guys are on the internet but i want ways to show him that i love him very much. this was totally out of the blue and im still kind of shocked by it...

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Well, what will be will be. You can't make someone love you. but you can show him that he is important to you and that you want him to consider being with you and the baby. Just be honest wiht him. He may not tell you what you want to hear, but at least he'll know how you feel. And he may come around eventually.
I'm sorry to hear that, but you can't force him to come back to you if he doesn't want to it.  Not even your baby can do that. You could talk to him, and find out his reasons for breaking up - that could give you an indication of whether or not the relationship is salvageable or not.  It'll also give you an indication of whether or not he wants a relationship with the baby.  Just like you can't force him to stay with you, you also can't force him to be a father.  You can sue for financial support, but you can't legally require that he show up for playdates or midnight feedings.
your main objective of this date should be to find out what kind of father he wants to be and what type of involvement he wants to have with your child.   Your relationship with him shouldn't dictate those decisions for him.  Once you know where he stands you may change your mind on how much you want to be with him.  If he can't or wont step up and be a good father, forget him and you.  
I thank you all for the answers, but I figured out what happened and we are back tgether. Thanks though for trying.

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