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How can I get my breast fed baby to take a bottle?

4 answers
My son is 3 1/2 months old, and will not take a bottle. I have a few big events coming up and I need him to take a bottle just for that day. What can I do?

answers (4)

smoothie bottles work good my daughter did this to smoothie bottled worked
Just keep offering.  Basically every meal, offer a bottle first.  He might eventually get it.  If not, you may have to have whoever is feeding your son for that day consider using a dropper or something.
Also, have someone else offering. Don't even be in the room. Have them sit somewhere other than where you ordinarily nurse. If he smells/senses you, he'll be less likely to take it.
u should try the brest feeding bottles dat are soft and feel like your breast so ur baby can think ur breast feeding him.

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