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How can i get my daughter to not hug strangers?

3 answers
Im having a problem with my daughter she is 3 yrs old.. and she just wont listen to me . I try to tell her that there is good people and bad people in the world. and not everyone will be nice to you. and that some people like to hurt other people.. and she still does it at the store or wherever we go she has this skit she does ( she says... Hi ...Im bella...Im 3 yrs old. and ill be 4next year. she continues and says Can i have a Hug?) so... please i would like some advice if someone could help ... thanks...

answers (3)

don't let go of her hand when you are in public and never let her out of your sight. Hopefully that is just a phase she is going through.
Never let her go while meeting other people or you can just try to make her busy at some put-up jobs while people coming to you.Thanks.Babysitting Laws
you need to keep her in your reach at all times when she's out in public. teach her to hold your hand at all times. tell her she can't just go up to everyone, and spark up a conversation, and it's not okay to hug random strangers. leaving her at home like the previous poster stated is not going to solve your problem. she will never learn unless you teach her. that's what parenting is all about. create boundaries, and stick with them.

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