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how can i get my daughter to stop sucking on her blanket?

2 answers
it all started when she was 10 months she had a teddy that became her security blanket but 4 months later she began to suck on the ears once in a while, it became a habit 2 months after, i began to take the teddy away from her and hide when she began to suck on it... when i did hide it she began to suck on all her stuffed animals so i had to hide all of her stuffed animals and now she sucks on the corner of her blanket n if i take that blanket away she will suck on anything that has fur or its soft. but she only does this when she is comfortable or ready for a nap or ready to go to sleep at night.i try giving her things to distract her from that also with milk ect... but it doesnt work. is this normal? a lot of people tell me she will grow out of it but i worry she is 2 1/2 now... what can i do?

answers (2)

She may of been a kid that wanted to suck her thumb or something. Some kids need that oral fix to help relax them to sleep. I would let her have her blanket at nap time and tell her that is the only time she can suck on it. Make sure you wash it often and after she is sick. She should out grow it. Most kids outgrow oral things by the time they are 5 and starting school.
I agree with sjvanderwey. She obviously needs this little bit of extra comfort when she's getting ready to sleep and there's nothing wrong with allowing her to have it. Chances are good that she'll outgrow when she's ready. Wash her blanket often in a natural laundry detergent like BabyGanics, Method, Seventh Generation or the Honest Company. Other laundry detergents are made with chemical ingredients that leave residues on fabrics that she'll ingest.

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