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how can i get my one year old to start sleeping in his crib again?

4 answers
my one year old son has slept in his crib since birth, but for the last 2 months he has been crying every-night to sleep with me in the bed and my husband and i dont have enough space or we dont sleep comfortably........ ive tried waiting for him to fall asleep then move him to his crib, he usually wakes up late at night and cries. so i try to give him a toy a bottle nothing works..... please help before he gets used to it?

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let him cry it out. the longer you allow him to sleep with you, the harder it will be to break that habbit.
time to take that bottle away, too. 12 months is the magic number to get rid of it. throw it in the trash, and don't look back.
Chances are something happened to make him feel the need to sleep with you. He's not just doing it for the heck of it. The cry it out method doesn't work for all parents or all children. It can be very stressful for everyone involved, and if it doesn't work for you, don't feel bad. There are plenty of other, gentler ways to get your son back into his crib.Both of my older kids went through short phases where they refused to sleep in their cribs or just refused to fall asleep on their own. What worked best with both of them was for me to sit by their crib while they fell asleep. They didn't like it at first, they wanted to be held. Instead of holding them I would sit close and would stick my hand through the slats of the crib. When they would lay down I would rub their backs, heads, tummies, etc. Any time they sat or stood up I would take my hand out and would tell them that they had to lay down. Once they did I would rub their bodies again. This taught them that they had to lay down in the crib and my presence showed them that it could be relaxing and not scary. After a few nights they were used to being in their cribs and they were falling asleep faster. After about a week I was able to leave while they were still awake and they wouldn't fuss or cry. Since then they've never had a problem falling asleep by themselves or sleeping in their own bed. And, it never involved my kids being left alone to cry themselves to sleep!
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