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how can i get my one year olds to sleep through the night?

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This has been on going for 13 months. Regardless of how tired they are, they are in an out of sleep through the night. I might get four hours of sleep.....anything I can try. Warm milk not really working on either baby.

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I went through this with my son. Chances are they are simply used to waking up, especially if they get milk. They shouldn't be hungry by this point so they don't need any food or drinks in the middle of the night. When they wake up you need to give them as little attention as possible so the learn there is no reason to wake up. I'm not a fan of the cry it out method, especially if babies share a room or if their room's share walls. But, it can work if it's done properly. When my son wasn't sleeping I would go into his room, I would comfort him while he was still in his crib. I would have him lie down, I'd rub his back until he calmed down and then I'd sit next to his crib for a while. It was difficult because it meant I was getting less sleep than before but it did work. He learned that I would be there if he needed me, but that he wasn't going to get milk or much attention. Since there wasn't any reward for waking up, he stopped doing it.
I had this problem with caitlyn she was like 4 months and she would sleep all day and stay up all night so I started waking her up and only letting her have a 1 hour nap at night. After 6 days she would sleep all night and be wide awake all day. 

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