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How can I get over him?

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Hi, I was dating an attorney, he use to always tells me, he wants a child with me... I didnt want a child, but I got pregnant accidentally.. Wen I told him I am pregnant he said ok... After like a month he wants me to have an abortion.. I dnt want to

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Have your baby! And Forget Him! DOnt chase After Him He Could Be Going Threw Some MidLife BullCrap Or He Really did Want A Kid But Now That There is One On The Way He Might Be Freaked out! Or Just A Jerk! I am 23 Now but When I Was 19 I Got Married And Soon got Pregnant And Had A Beatiful Baby Girl Well Me and Her dad Didnt Work out so We divorce and ima Tell You Now I Have Found The Love Of My Life and We Just Found Out That We Are Exspecting! Getting To My Point After 2 years Being Seprated From My littLe Girls Dad For 2 Years Now It Still Gets To Me SOmetimes! I Guess Because We Have A Child Together But Never The Less It Can Take a Long Time To Get Over Someone!
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