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how can i get pregnant without using them fertility test and ovulation

2 answers
i want to know how i can get pregnant without using fertility tests and ovulation tests? i had a pregnancy in 2011 but i had a miscarrige. The doctors said that i was very fertile that i could get pregnant any time that i try but ive been trying since 2011 and my period is sometimes irregular so what should i do?

answers (2)

If your period is irregular, the best way to get pregnant is to either have sex every single day, or to use ovulation tests to know exactly when you ovulate.
may i ask why you don't want to use any type of test? i found them to be very helpful. when me and my husband was trying to conceive our daughter we were both working the late shift 5 days a week and taking care of our then one year old son in the mornings/afternoons. sex every day just wasn't realistic. we wanted our children close together in age and the test helped us know when to put in the extra time at night. We didn’t have the time(in terms of ayden getting old, widing their age gap) to take a year  to conceive.  it didnt take the romance out of the situation. in the end it's still sex and if you truly love the person you're with then the test will only help you reach your overall goal... a baby in your arms. i look at mellie every day and thank god i have her, no matter how much help i needed to get her.

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