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How can I get rid of this horrible back pain? It keeps getting worse

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I'm 26 weeks along, Wanting to know how can I get rid of this horrible back pain and strong horrible legs cramps that will not ever go away no matter what I do.

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My mid wife told me to get a maternity belt to help with the back pain. It won't take it away but it relieves some of the stress your growing belly puts on your back. For the leg cramps she told me to eat almonds. They are supposed to be really good for leg cramps. Good luck and hope this helps! :)
i bought a maternity belt.. but it didn't really help. I sometimes use a heating pad on my back with the heat on low when the pain gets too bad.Tylenol helps too. Unfortunetly, there may be nothing you can do. I've had back pain since my 4th month and nothing really makes the pain stop.
If you buy a maternity belt, buy a good one! If you buy the cheap stretchy ones, they won't help. I have chronic back problems, and the worst thing I can do for it is be pregnant (I was almost put in the hospital during my first pregnancy, because they were worried I would become paralysed). What I do is wear my good support belt as much as possible, be very careful how you sit and lay down (sitting reclined is the worst thing you can do!) As much as possible, sit leaning forward, like you are about to stand up. It sounds silly, and really isn't my favourite way to sit and watch tv, but it takes the weight of the baby forward, which helps alot. Also, if you can afford it, or have coverage, physio is the best thing you can do for yourself! A good physiotherapist who has experience with pregnancy related back pain will work better than any pain meds! Just give it time, it can take a couple appointments before it really becomes noticable. As for the leg cramps, bananas are also really good (just don't over do them, expecially if constipation is an issue for you). Also, stretch your legs every night before you go to bed. Pull your toes towards your shins and hold it for a few seconds. Do that about ten times before going to sleep. It will help! Trust me, back pain isn't something you just have to deal with! I was told that by two doctors, and just kept changing doctors until I got the right treatment (stretching, strengthening, support and physio, no drugs)!
Yeah I've used the heating pad mostly but it doesn't work when I'm standing at work all day.
Another thing to consider is your shoes. Make sure you have good arch support and well-fitted shoes to work in. Avoid high heels at all costs. Ill-fitting, unsupportive shoes can cause serious back pain.Also, if you can, try to stand with one foot on a stool for a few minutes of each hour. Alternate feet each time. It worked for me when I was working retail during my second pregnancy.Good luck finding relief :)

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