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How can i help my 20 month old sleep through the night?

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My daughter has slept through the night from about 2 months on. Now she has been waking up at 3:30 am for the last 3 nights and staying up for 2 hours!! She goes to bed easily but keeps waking up. I have tried eating later at night - in case she is getting hungry, going to bed later at night, going to bed earlier at night, milk before bed, bath before bed, and nothing works. She is still waking up and when she does she doesnt really know what she wants, she gets out of bed and wants to play and then crawls back in bed because she is tired. I made her stay in bed and every time i move to leave her room she wakes up. So then i am not getting back to my bed until about 5:30. She takes normal naps usually ending them no later than 3pm. I am 7 months pregnant and need some sleep. So please if anyone has any suggestions please let me know.

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Have you tried changing her diaper after she wakes up? It's possible that she's waking up because she's wet. Around 18 months, kids start becoming more aware of their bodily functions. This is often when they start to hide behind furniture when they need to poop. She may be uncomfortable in her diaper, but may not be fully aware that that's the problem.As far as her routine goes, don't change anything. Keep her nighttime routine the same, as any changes can result in more changes to her sleep pattern.
My boy almost always slept through the night. I coslept and breastfed though, so my situation may be different from yours. VforVenture is right that it could be a diaper issue. Make sure the environment is quiet, free from cluttler/stress/movement etc. Have you tried white noise of some sort? Maybe a fan or music? I used to play soothing music when I would put my boy to bed. Some was indian flute music some was just sounds of nature. I always made sure to radiate feelings of relaxation and sedation while rocking him. Young children do feed off of your energy so if your stressed/high strung/wired etc. she may be picking up on it when you're trying to put her back to sleep. It could be too that something specific woke her up the first time and it just messed up her routine .. she'll fall back into it if that's the case. Try aromatherapy too. Soft, safe scents of lavender and chamomile can help. Is she teething? Maybe discomfort is waking her? Most importantly, stay calm and relaxed while you are trying to lull her back to sleep.

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