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How can I help my 7 month old sleep through the night?

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My son use to sleep through the night up until 3 months ago. We are Filipino and in our culture every time a baby cries, I was taught to always pick them up. Now that my son is older he knows that every time he cries someone will pick him up. I live with my parents so every time I want to try a new technique with my son, my mom & dad have a say in it. The problem is it is pretty much taboo to my mom to let my child cry & self sooth so he can learn to fall asleep and stay asleep by himself. It is frustrating because I know that if I let him learn to fall asleep by himself it will not only be beneficial to me, but also to my son. I love him and he knows, and I believe a little crying and independence in his crib can be good for him. So how can I convince my mom to try it my way? Or as she would call it, THE WESTERN WAY.

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I'm not a big fan of making babies cry it out. I helped my kids learn to self soothe without letting them cry. My son was a fast grower and had to eat multiple times a night and he got used to the attention from waking up. I ended up sitting in a chair next to his crib. I'd sit with him while he fell asleep, I'd rub his back through his crib and just keep him company. He didn't like it at first but it worked. I did it when I put him to bed at night and I did it any time he woke up. As he got used to not being picked up I was able to leave the room before he fell asleep. He learned that he didn't need to be picked up and that he was ok being by himself.I think this is a good compromise for you and your mom. You're not just leaving him by himself and he's still learning that he'll be ok without being picked up.
Self soothing is important because as much as you don't wanna think you might have to leave your child weather its working emergencys or anything its better for your child to be able to self soothe if your not there. Plus that can cause major spoiling,I don't let my baby scream and cry but whats better to do is if there not hungry and their just crying for you then go in there and while their in their bed just go sit beside them and talk to them and give them a binky so they don't get scared or anything but they learn that they are safe and your gonna be there for them but crying won't make them get what they want.
my son likes to sleep with his blanket its the only thing that helped him fall asleep on his own well that and his paci, at night what i did when he woke up was give him about 2oz less milk than hes use to with the least amount of interaction and put him right back in bed so hes still mostly asleep and goes right back to sleep =) of course sometimes they just want to be held or just get up which is hard, but just stick to it
I can't wait until I'm not pregnant so I can stop forgetting things so much!I got both of my kids a LeapFrog Puppy Pal and neither one can sleep without it. It's a really cute toy that you can program with their name, favorite color, favorite food, and more. It also plays lullaby music, which they love. They love cuddling with it and playing with it at night and at naptime. Both kids will play with it for a little bit and then will settle down and go to sleep on their own.

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