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How can I increase my milk supply?

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I am currently brestfeeding my 2 month old preemie. And my milk supply has decreased drastically. I was just wondering is there anything I can do th increase it I have tried almost everything hot showers. One lady told me to eat hot spicy soup but I cant do that because my baby has severe acid reflux so I have to stay away from siy foods which is fine wih me cause I dont eat spicy foods anyway. I called the lacation nurse at the hospital where I gave birth and she told me to pump every 2-3 hours and that still isnt working. Does anyone have any solutions? Please help me!!!

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i lost my milk when my son was 3wks old. but one thing that helped me establish it well was pumping every 1-2hrs and nursing. the baby nursing will help you increase your milk. also there is a tea you can by that helps you make more milk and skin to skin contact between you and your baby will help also
Nurse your baby every 1 1/2 for as long as baby wants. My son nursed every 1 1/2 for 20 minutes on each side. I then pumped for 10 mins, each side, afterwards. The more baby nurses (or you pump) it should increase your supply. Also, (easier said than done) Relax! If you have family or husband that can allow you to nap or just lounge around, let them pamper you! Every time you sit down to nurse or pump drink a glass of ice water. You need to be well hydraded. 
I would drink lots of water, and make sure that you are eating enough. When I was nursing I had  to take a supplement called Fenugreek. It was amazing how much it helped me. Ask your doctor before take it, but you can get it at any health store.
This site has lots of info: forum is very useful.  Have a look at the admin message.  i haven't found netter info anywhere else.
Drink Mother's Milk Tea, by Traditional Medicines. Nursing often only works so much, and my baby was a glutton when she was little, she had reflux and I would have to nurse and nurse again after she spit it up like a fountain. I would eat a nice meal (no junk food, just protein, veggies & starch - Try to eat slightly or unprocessed foods, home cooked meals are often more nutritious!!) And then drink a mug of Mother's Milk tea. It works like a charm!! You may also have to increase how much water you're drinking. Whenever I'm low on milk (my daughter is approaching her 1st birthday) I knock back some, and I'm full up for at least a day... if not longer!Oh, and watch out, the it's an acquired taste :PHappy nursing!
Pumping worked for me. My lactation consultant said nurse your baby, 10, 15 mins later pump. Nurse, pump, nurse, pump. She said the quantity of both will help make more and it helped me. She also said to relax, it makes a difference. Good luck!!!
My LC recommended Breastea from I have seriously low milk supply and I exclusively pump. It has worked amazingly well. I went from pumping 1/2 ounce to over 5 ounces now.
Thanks so much for the advice ladies. I really really appreciate it. I will keep yall updated. Thanks alot!!!!

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