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How can I induce my labor at 37 weeks?

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I am 36 weeks pregnant and my doc said at 37 weekks the baby is considered full- term, so I want to know since I will be 37 weeks next week how can I induce my labor. I dnt want to go my whole 40 weeks, at least 38 weeks. So can somebody please help me, I heard taking hot baths can induce it, but how often do I have to take them?

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I tried all kinds of things to induce my labor because I was miserable and at 37 weeks 3 days my little guy was born.. I went walking alot around both our walmart and kroger that night and then came home and we did the lots of nipple stimulation and had sex and something out of that worked.. My contractions got stronger and he was born the next day.. oh another one of the things that we read and tried.. my bf rubbed icyhot on my lower back not sure what is was suppose to do but it was one of those things that I read online and we did.. cant promise anything but something out of that worked for us lol good luck =)
Trying to jump start labor usually doesn't work unless your body and baby are already getting ready for labor. With my son I think I just about walked myself to death and it didn't work. The thing with sex is that semen contains oxytocin which is the hormone that causes contractions. I would say its safe to do any of the stuff that maddison09 suggested but that doesn't mean your body will be ready. Or your baby for that matter. Doctors aren't always right about our due dates so I honestly wouldn't want to induce that soon. I read somewhere that the baby's brain is what gets labor started. I hope you get good results and everything works out for the best! Good luck :)
walk, walk, walk. and i drank red raspberry leaf tea the day before i went into labor. maybe that helped but i cant be certain.
sex!waalking, swinging, bouncing on your birthing ball, all that kind of stuff can jump start it, but can also dangerous. your baby will come when he/she is ready!!!
y not just wait out the extra 2 or 3 weeks?? its healthier for your baby...just sayin :)
Just in-case anyone reads this and thinks trying to bring on early labor is a good idea; herbs and herbal teas can be dangerous for mother and baby and you shouldn't use them without speaking with your doctor. Labor will happen when it is meant to happen. The baby's lungs and brain are still developing even at the 37 week mark. Studies have shown that it is best for the baby not to be born prior to 39 weeks and most doctors will not induce prior to 39 weeks unless mother and/or child are in serious danger.

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