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How can I instill confidence in my 10 year old daughter?

3 answers
My daughter is feeling less confident lately, looking to be perfect and comparing herself to her friends. She wants to be perfect at everything and feels like her friends have the best lives. I know part it this is the changes she is going through as a 10 year old girl. Any suggestions as to how I can help her through this? Any ways to boost her self esteem?

answers (3)

Help her to find an activity or a subject in school where she really excels and encourage her to pursue that interest. Gaining confidence in one particular area will help her focus on her strengths rather than trying to be perfect in everything. Also, find out what specifically it is that she is admiring about her frienAnd and either show her that she has those same traits, help her to gain some of those traits, and definitely remind her that no one is perfect.
Self confidence is something taht can’t be induced at a moment it is slow process. You need to be very consistent and realistic to you approach. Try to inculcate in her the positive image of her. Tell her how behaviourally good she is and is always a fun to have in her company. Try to help her by developing some talents that she is good at and let her acquire skills.
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