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How can i know how many months i am???

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Can there be such a thing of not knowing how many months are you?? this is my story, the first time i knew i was pregnant, the doctor told me that i was about 10 weeks, by what i told them about my period.(i was never regular so i dont remember)so then he messured my belly and said that by the size i was almost three months,then he ordered a ultrasound, the next day, then the ultrasound tech said that i was only 6 weeks.So they send me to the specialist for u rutine check up a week after, she told me that i was 7 weeks, so then so far i was ok.Two weeks after i went back to the doctor for my regular visit and he told me that i was 13 weeks and 1 day,when i tought i was 9 weeks and he even got mad at me because i told him wrong so know i dont know how far am i??Should i go by what the doctor tells me or by what the ultrasound tells me?? please help i dont know what to do??????

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Tell your doctor you are confused. Don't accuse him of anything as nobody likes accusations. Just call and ask him explaining that the ultrasound tech and the specialist had told you differently. Or you could call the office and just talk to one of the nurses.
Give your doc some time to cool down. Then go in for more tests.
From what I understand the ultrasounds are more accurate because the measure the size of the baby instead of just measuring you.  I've had ultrasound techs tell me that with each pregnancy.
I would go by the ultrasound, but it is very easy for you to just tell your doctor what the ultrasound showed, it's not a huge deal :) many women who do not keep  track of periods or dont have regular ones dont know exactly how far along they are ultil an ultrasound is done.
The doctor should be going by what the ultrasound said, as the ultrasound is more accurate. This is the reason doctors send you to have them to varify dates too not just the health of the baby. Another to consider and talk to your doctor is that you maybe retaining some water. But do talk to your doctor with these concerns and ask him why there's much a difference. If he's not willing to talk or explain this to you then I think you need to see a different doctor. As this is not only for the health of you but the health of your unborn child in his care. You need to be confident and comfortable with your doctor not unsure and confused. Hope everything straightens out for you.

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