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How can I play a game with my son and not end up in an argument?

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I notice that lately when I play a game with my son, we end up in an argument, it doesn't matter what game it is. I've seen him play with other people and he seems to have a lot of fun, but when I play with him, after a few minutes, he starts getting frustrated with me, and starts getting kind of upset to the point that I have to remind him that I'm his mother and he has to respect me. Next thing is an argument and time out.... I really want to spend a good quality time with him and see that he has fun with me.... I always end up being the bad cop... ...

answers (3)

How old is he? How you handle it will depend on his age.
He is 7 years old 
try to identify what gets your son upset in the first place. Does he get upset if you start winning? Figuring what sets him off will help you to avoid those situations in the future. It will also help to give him a time out, or just a moment to breathe and calm down before an argument starts. Don't engage his bad mood, since that is obviously not helping things.

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