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How can I reasure my husband....

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We are expecting our second child now and when I went to the health dept. they told me I was a month pregnant (according to the last period date) but that would mean I would have been pregnant 3 weeks before my husband came home from out of town (he was gone for 4 months) I NEVER cheated on him and I know for a fact that we conceived on March 30th (health dept says March 9th). He completely trusts me and knows nothing happened and they HAVE to give that date because of my last period, but I know it's still in the back of his mind because his ex wife cheated on him and became pregnant and lied to him saying it was his right until the day the child was born....

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I do not know when your last period was but that is not the day you became pregnant. You can get pregnant anytime during that month between your periods.
That it what I said. my last period started March 9th so the health dept was required to count the 40 weeks from that day? even though I told them I knew the day we conceived...
I had almost that same problem... The doc kept writing down Dec. 21 when I know it was Jan 4... it bothered me so bad becuase my husband was visiting his family on the other side of the country for the month of dec... I finally confronted my doctor about it and he said that they use the date of your last period becuase it is a solid date unlike when you conceived which can be hard to pinpointed... I felt so bad because the paperwork says it happened when my husband was gone the best thing to do sit down and talk to him and reassure him of your faithfulness that's what I did and I made me and him feel alot better about the situation... Best of luck
Well at least i'm not the only one, it's just really bothering me b/c not only is it making me feel bad for him but I also had ALOT of complications with my son and if I go into labor than theres a very good chance i'll die, so it has to be schedualed c-section early enough to make sure i dont. but if they are saying a date almost a month early i'm worried the c-section will be WAY to early to be healthy for the baby.. :(
once they are able to preform an ultra sound they will measure the baby and may find a more accurate date. The due dates are always a quick estimate and Doctors will do everything they can to ensure you and your babies saftey. If you really feel strongly about it, be sure to emphasize how sure you are to your doctor so he can really help.
they always go by ur last period but u actually dont convieve till around 14 days after the first day of ur period. give or take a few days ..not everyone is the same. as long as he trusts u i would try not to get stressed about it. not good for u or the baby. when they do the ultrasound they will measure the baby and most likely change ur due date. they change mine like 2-3 times.
Jessandmike is right.  They go off your last period, cause it's a concrete date.  when they do an ultra sound they will measure the baby and dates can change.  I was also a preschedualed c-section, but we didn't scheual it untill we knew when the official due date was, which was around 24 weeks (I ended up having placenta abrasion and needed an emergancy csection about a week before hand anyway).  I wouldn't worry about the dates at all.  My sister when she was pregnant they had no idea how far along she was nor when she was due, her belly was saying one date but the baby said another.  My niece was 3 weeks overdue.  Good luck.
I had the exacty same problem! I just told my husband they couldn't positively confirm my d-day until the first ultrasound. When we had that first one we discovered I actually concieved at a different time. Also, try not to bring it up or talk about it to much. It'll make him wonder why you're so obsessed with it and he'll only get more suspicious. This is my experience talking.

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