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How can I reconnect with my two year old daughter?

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I was lucky to be around for the birth of my daughter and most of the first year of her life. I then had to travel very frequently for work, for long durations. I went 6 painful months without seeing her once. Like most fathers, I my daughter was my world, and I tried to be the most helpful husband and attentive father as possible while I was around. As is the case usually, our daughter has become very mother dependant, but not only have a I fallen aside, my daughter doesn't even seem to want me around. Obviously this is putting a huge strain on things as Mom is overworked from being alone, but the more I try to involve myself, the more difficult it gets. My wife resents that she has to do everything (baths, diapers, even play), and my attempts at helping only sends our daughter into hysterics. I know that two is the terror age, but this seems a little extreme. Does anyone have any advice as to how I can get closer with my daughter? I really want to send Wifey away for a couple of days' break, but so don't know if it will terrorize our daughter, or we will fight it out and (hopefully) come to connect again. Mike

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Hi Mike, I had a situation similar to yours. My husband works long hours and the kids barely saw him. By the time he would cone home they would be asleep in bed. Anyways that affected their relationship trmendously. And when he wanted to spend some time the kids didnt want it. But what I started doing was bringing up dad throughout the day. I started telling them that he is mine and he is my favorite person. And when he comes home I am going to hang out with him. So when he comes home they run to the door including me to see who get to him first. This was kind of the first step then we would go out to fun places as a family and try to hold his hand or be by him. My husband also made a tremendous effort by playing games and making them laugh. Now they both say that there dad is the best lol especially my 2 year old. She is obsessed with her dad. Try doing and activity with her maybe make pizza let her spread the sauce and put the cheese. Mom can be on the side and tell her to help dad. While she is helping dad mom can go to another room for a little. One and one time is important start slowly and she will soon want to do everything with u.

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