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How can I teach my son not to swallow the toothpaste while brushing?

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How old is he? Is he still using the toddler learning tooth paste? That stuff is supposed to be safe to swallow in the amount used in brushing. The denist said for my daughter at 2 to use regular tooth paste and we have. They said just put a smear  (so there is no glob) on the brush and let them brush it is such a small amout that it will not matter.  Have him watch you brush and see you spit. Kids love to imitate. My daughter loves to spit because she is not allowed to any other time
If he's still little just be patient. He'll learn eventually. If he's using yummy flavored kids toothpaste you might try switching to a fluoride free mint flavored toothpaste. It won't taste as good so he won't be as likely to swallow it but if he does it won't be ab ig deal because it doesn't have fluoride.
don't worry about him swallowing a pea size amount of toothpaste. my daughter's dentist told me that it would take a bathtub full of flouride to harm you. use a flouride toothpaste. the non-flouridated kind is no better than brushing with plain water. remember that baby water has flouride in it, and we mix that with formula and cereal...a tiny bit of toothpaste is not going to hurt him if swallowed. over time he will learn.
@pinkpaisley Fluoride is dangerous and should not ever be consumed. Many, many dentists are now coming out against the fluoridation of drinking water. It should never, under any circumstances be given to a baby under 6 months of age. Fluoride can cause all kinds of problems, especially neurological problems. It does not get flushed from the body and easily builds up in bones. There is absolutely no benefit from consuming fluoride. The only time it *might* be beneficial is when it is applied topically (as in toothpaste or dental fluoride treatments).Do some research before you make claims about what will or will not harm other people's children.And, only one brand of "baby water" has fluoride in it.
I agree with you VforVenture, my pediatrician said not to use fluoride toothpaste until my daughter is older. Pink paisley is the most negative and unhelpful person on this website and no one should listen to her. Her posts are 9 times out of 10 rude.  
i've been waiting for someone to post something like that about me...damn, i know i'm loved! lol. if flouride is so dangerous, then why has my daughter's dentist been brushing it on her teeth since she was 7 months old? he, and the ped told me to use a flouride toothpaste on her! so, there. now you all have the facts straight! i'm a red-headed bitch...i'll admit it. if you don't like my comments, then don't read them.
I appreciate everyone's comment, but let play nice in the sand box. My son is 4 yrs old. He knows how to spit but I cannot get him to spit out the toothpaste. He swallows it first then tries to spit. I tried using a rinse cup and on the first try he did it successfully but he reverted back to swallowing it. I will keep trying but in the meanwhile what sort of toothpaste are any of you using with your child/children?
i give my daughter the same toothpaste that we use, and she is 2 1/2. we've been giving it to her since she was a year old. her dentist told me that when she had 4-5 teeth, start using a flouride toothpaste instead of that baby/toddler crap. crest, colgate, whatever you like.
I use Jason Natural Kids Only toothpaste in the strawberry flavor. It is fluoride free and is made with natural ingredients. Fluoride is not responsible for cleaning the teeth, it's the brushing itself that cleans the teeth. So even brushing with water will clean teeth. And as long as your child eats a healthy, balanced diet and gets a daily multivitamin their teeth will be healthy and strong. My kids don't use fluoride toothpaste and don't drink fluoridated water and they have very strong teeth with no signs of decay.
Thank you all so much for your feedback, I really appreciate it!


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