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how can i tell my partner to stop tellin me tat im getting fat.???????

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i guess he doent understand tat makes my feel so insecure, i just dnt feel lky im attractive to him anymore,and he sumtimes makes me blame my pregancy for it..witch i dnt want to feel lky it is..i just wish he will thank me for havin his baby n taking good care of it.and once in awhile for him to tell me im lookin pretty..plz help

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When you find the answer please tell me. I have the same problem with my husband yet worse he has my 3 yr. old daughter telling me that I'm fat too. I mean I'm 29 weeks pregnant with his 2nd daughter and I know I'm big but it's his fault he wanted children so I tell him that maybe he should be the one who's pregnant and not feeling good and shut up. Luckily the other half of time he spends it telling me how beautiful I am and being all over me so I guess that's good. I just wish he would shut up but these men have no idea what we're going through for them and they never will so when you find an answer on how I can get him to shut up then please tell me. As for my 3 yr old I just laugh it off and tell her that it hurts my feelings when she says that and then she gives me a big hug. Little does she know that she will be going through the same thing when she gets married and has children of her own. Ha ha!
I hate to hear that you guys are going through this. My hubby doesn't tell me I'm fat but if I tell him I feel like a fat cow he says me too. Don't they know we want them to tell us we aren't fat that we are pregnant and beautiful and the most wonderful thing every to be growing their baby? Obviously not huh? Well I would say tell them that when they tell you that it hurts your feelings. Or just bust out crying the next time they do and see if that helps. Other than that what can you do? Tell him he's fat? I hope you can get him to stop and good luck :)
I agree with mommyofzoo my bf was pretty supportive during the pregnancy with our daughter but we just had our son and in on night he had commented that I was getting really big and that my hips were wider then they used to be and was making fun of me waddling.. I dont know what he was thinking but me breaking out into sobs did the trick he felt terrible and I cant remember him  saying anything without thinking it through again.. It was just one of those things that happened.. not like I planned on crying and making him feel terrible it just upset me.. good luck =)
Just tell him he's being an asshole! My hubby makes the odd fat joke... but I know it's a joke when he's doing it, and usually they are funny, so I laugh too!  Tell him how it makes you feel, and hopefully he'll come around. You should feel beautiful when your pregnant, not insecure!

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