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How can I work with my 4 year old son who asks why/what/how constantly

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My son is very curious which is great, but tends to test my patience. If I just try to make casual conversation on the way home from day care he asks me why/how after everything I say. Sometimes I don't have an answer! I notice that he tends to stress out over little things such as dirt on the floor or garbage in the hallways of our apartment building. He will ask what it is and why it is there. This is constant throughout the day. I try to tell him to breath when he gets into those situations but it doesn't work all the time. I worry that he may be slightly autistic and will be mentioning this to my pediatrician. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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Definitely talk to you pediatrician about your concerns. But do know that asking these types of questions is completely normal. And, anything that is out of the ordinary from the main environments (inside the home, school, etc.) can cause a bit of anxiety for kids who need routine. Some kids need routine and order more than others, and that doesn't always mean there is a problem.

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