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how to change a squirmy baby's diaper?

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my daughter hates to sit still and hates to lie down when she's not tired. any time I lay her down, she tries to roll over, sit up or kick her feet out of my hands and makes it impossible to clean her without getting poop on me, her feet, or any surface i changer her on. any way i can get her to calm down while i change her?

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It's definitely a challenge!  I've found that with my daughter, I try to use distraction tactics.  I'll give her a book to read, a toy to play with, ask her what sounds a duck/dog/pig/etc. makes, anything that seems to work at the time.  Sometimes, I've even gotten my husband to help contain her so I can change her with less of a mess.  Now that she's older, there are times that I even let her stay in a wet diaper for a few extra minutes to allow her to do whatever she wanted to do (i.e. put a toy back, nurse).Good luck!
My son does the same thing to me, when I lay him down to either dress him or change his diaper, he screams and trys to sit up or roll away (he discovered the joys of crawling recently) so I like Hyper1tnt said, i give him a toy to play with.  he loves paper so I will even give him some paper to play with anything to make it easier.  I will dress him in his pj's standing or in his outfit for the day standing as well, just to make it easier to do. Good luck.
thanks. i'll try that. 
my 9 month old son does the same thing he too just recently started crawling. i will give him a toy,talk to him or give him a remote control to play with which keeps him occupied long enough to change him.
They do sell changing tables, or pads with straps to help keep your baby in place. 
I have the same problem!  My 9 month old is always rolling over on the changing table.  Try diapers that fasten in the back.  We use gDiapers.  I can usually manage to close the velcro even as he's running away from me.  Also, I've started sitting him in my lap to put his pants on.  I get his legs through and then stand him up to pull the pants up.

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