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how to child proof cords, compter cords, power strip cords, etc

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Outlet plugs in all unused outlets including on your power strips.  Make sure all loose/dangling cords are either bound together using wire ties, garbage bag ties, rubber bands, tape, etc and tucked behind or under furniture.  I also always untie my blind cords.  Usually one or both of the cords on blinds is tied together with several others...I untie them, yes it's annoying when they are loose because they can get tangled, but when they are pulled down your child can actually get their head caught in them (tied together) and strangle.  Unplug and properly tie up all excerise equipment cords, Mike Tyson's youngest child actually died from and improperly hung elliptical cord.  You can go to most baby websites for more safety tips and I think Babies R Us gives a course in it for free.
You can also buy some conduit, and run all your cords through it! Or tape them together, and to the floor/wall. We always run them under the carpet, or behind the baseboards. (thankfully my hubby is really handy, and can do that without damaging anything!).

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